Wealthy Affiliate The Real Deal

This is my Review on Wealthy Affiliate.

I decided to sign up with Wealthy Affiliate Because I heard it was a good way to start a business up. Once I did I had all these people from the community welcoming me to Wealthy Affiliate.

You can start up for free., but you don’t get as much as you would if you were premium. For Premium you pay $19.00 , But then the Month after that you pay $49.00, For the Yearly Membership , I think you pay (Now someone told me this)  $299.00.  With being Premium you get so much more , then being just a starter.

The community is like a family they are there and ready to help when you are struggling . You start by answering a Money Goal, and the family comments on your goal. You earn ranking points by commenting on other;s goals, .You get credits for commenting on other’s websites. You earn money that way too.

Kyle and Carson, help out when the can, They stared the company. Kyle does the lessons.Before I forget if you get Three Hundred , I’m not sure if it is sales or referrals, but anyways you get to go to Vegas with them and Hang out and have a meeting, I haven’t been able to do that because I have been with the company for 5 Months , You start out with a ranking of 200,000 and you work your way down, I am down to 11,000 something already. 


Wealthy Affiliate helps you Start setting up and making a good functional  website , They give you all the tools you need to make a create your website, They also help you with lessons. With the lessons they help you learn how to become successful and to stay that way.

I have one functional  website, and a second one, Neither one has started to make me any money yet.

So If you want to start a business, Wealthy Affiliate would be the best company for you.

Here is a link that you can click on.


This is my Review on Wealthy .

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