The World of Art.

Art can be applied in so many different ways. For instance take paintings, Paintings can be done with a brush,

can even be done with your hands and a sponge.

There are so many different kinds of Artists there are dogs, elephants,  monkeys, and yes even humans.

There are so many different ways that art can be done,

There is spray painting art, Painting on a canvas, and now there is a new type of painting called “Painting With Diamonds” that is a fun and unique type of art.

You see art every where you go, there is graphiti art, you see that on buildings, on the side of trains, some of that art is really pretty.

Graffiti Wall, Graffiti, Graffiti Art

In the sky you see Hot Air Balloons, You see all the different kinds of art on the Balloons, that is really pretty to see.

Another fun art to do is Paint By Number, I have done lots of those.

Nail Art is fun to do, there are so many different ways that your nails can be done now, There is “Nail Wraps” and there is “Marbeled” There is lots of differents kinds of Artificial Nails.

Manicure, Pedicure, Cosmetics

I love Art




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  1. Interesting post this is. It is short and precise. Firstly, I’m an art enthusiast and I love getting engaged with anything that has to do with art display. Truly, art is beautiful and it is present in almost everywhere around us. From paintings to fashion and others. Nail art is surely cool to see. I came across this for the first time when I saw it on a local artiste nails. It was a perfect blend to create flower designs on the nails. I really liked them. 

    1. RoDarrick, Thank you for the nice comment on web page. 

      It does my heart good to know that you love art.

      You love nail art that is way awesome. Thank you again.

  2. It’s great to read about your love of art. It’s funny you should mention graffiti as I was talking about it with a friend on the train this morning. I used to hate seeing it on the walls as my train approached the station – I used to regard it as just vandalism. But now that I’ve taken the time to actually look at it I can appreciate just how artistic it is. It’s now one of the highlights of my journey

    1. That’s awesome David, that you see Graphiti as an art now, I used to feel the same way you did until I really started to look at it, then I started to see the beauty in it.

      Thank you Melody

  3. I really enjoyed reading your article.  You have covered several areas of art.  I am about as talented as you could imagine when coming to art, I will leave that to my daughter.  But I enjoy the beauty of it.  The Graffiti art that we are seeing more and more around communities makes such an beautiful attraction to these communities.

    You brought up nail art.  I never even thought of nail painting as an art, but yes you are absolutely correct here.  And we have really gone far in that field with lengthening them, adding jewels and colors.  Great observation!

    Looking forward to next article.

    1. Wanda, Thank you so much for your wonderful compliment on my article, You can go to my website and read what all I have there,.  I love the fact that you love art and you see beauty in it. You can even see where Nail art is an art in it’s self, Thank you again for the compliment.


  4. I also love art and I always have. Right now my interest has focused more on interiors since I am doing up my house and graphic design since I work in it. But when I was younger my favourite type of art was painting and with acrylics. I think makeup is also a type of art and I really love that too! Loving art opens up so many possibilities.

    1. The World of Art.The World of Art.

      Yes, it does Hollie, Art can open up so many possibilities . Yes, Make up is an art as well. You be very artistic when applying make up,  I find myself looking at so many faces, for the pure beauty of it, when I was younger I loved painting by numbers with oil paints., Thank you for the comment Hollie


      Melody Logsdon

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