This is my Review on Paint With Diamonds

Paint with Diamonds is a fun project to do.

when you get it  the kit comes with all the packets of beads, this little red square that is what you put at the end of your wand so that you can pick up the beads,  a little green tray to put the beads in , your wand, and last but not least you recieve your canvas that you put the beads on.

Your canvas that you do the work on  is very sticky so the beads will stick on it. You begin by peeling a little of the film down (this film protects the canvas fom any dirt and debree from getting on the canvas) Next you pour the beads in the tray. the packet that the beads are in are numbered. and so is the canvas.

It is best to do all the same numbers at a time. You put the red stuff at the end of your wand so that the beads will stick, you pick up one bead one at a time, This is a project that will take a while to do. So grab a cup of coffee and sit back and enjoy this project

I have done at least seven of these project myself.

fun fun and very addicting.

This is my review on this product.

out of a 0 to  10 , 10 being the best and 0 being the worst. I give this procuct a 10.

You will not be diappointed with this product.


Different kinds of Art Projects

There are so many different kinds of art projects.

You can build large scale buildings, bridges with tooth picks.

Making model cars ,Painting free hand, Painting by nubers oil paints.Vintage, Scrapbook, Watercolor, Background, Page

There is making plant hangers by macrabre

  • making little boats or ship sand putting them in a bottle.
  • Maling clocks out of logs
  • Making picnic tables.
  • Making chairs and tables,
  • making cute little pot planter people.
  • Making quilts.
  • Making lap throws.

That is to name just a few,.

There are so many projects that can be done.

It is so much fun to do art projects and it is fun to see what you can create.

The world of art can beso fun and interesting.



Hi, there I was wordering what you look for in projects

Hi, there I was wondering what you look for in a coloring book and the designs or pictures that you might like to do.


  1. Do you like Dragons
  2. Fairies and dragons
  3. fairies
  4. ButterfliesFlowers, Butterflies, Beautiful, Orange
  5. Dragonflies
  6. Kittens
  7. Puppies
  8. Horses
  9. Geometric Designs

I can go on with the list.

There are so many kinds of projects that a person can do.

  • Maybe you might like to read, I can name a few Authors for you.
  • Stephen King
  • Dean Koontz
  • Sherrilyn Kenyon
  • Harlan CobenBook, Book Pages, Read, Roses, Romantic
  • That is just a few.

Do you like to ride bike, Do you like to do some nature walking or do you just like to walk on a treadmill?

Maybe you might like music, To just listen to a radio, or headphones.

Do you like classic music

  • Heavy metal
  • Classic rock
  • Instrumental

That is just a few things that I can think of that you might like. Leave me a comment and let me know,

Thank you



This Site Is Designed to Help You to Get What You Need to Bring Your Art to The Next Level

This Site is Designedto Help You to Get  What You Need to  Bring Your Art toThe Next Level.

Color pencils, Markers, water colors, crochet hooks,

I will help sell you Coloring Books, Paint With Diamonds, and Books To read and many other projects and supplies for your art projects.

There are so many great hobbies to have. You might have a hobby To Play With your nails. Whatever Your Hobby might be hopefully you can get your

There are so many awesome Hobbies,

Paint With Diamonds Is So Much Fun And can be very addicting To Do. Coloring In a good coloring Book Can be Just As Much Fun and Can take You away, and in a new world.

You Can Have a Lot Of Fun Doing these projects.

Maybe You Like To Read

I Know I Love To Read,

Reading Can Be so Much Fun, It Can Take You To A Wole New World,

It’s Fun, You Can Discover New Authors as You go Along.

You Might Like

  • , Stephen King,
  • Dean Koontz,

maybe Something Different Like Maybe a Vampire Romance

Author Like Sherrilyn Kenyon, She is Great!, I have read A Lot Of Her Books Over the Last Twelve Years.

That is Just To Name Just a Few That I get Into,

Maybe You might get into.

Maybe you might Get into Something Totally different like crocheting, You can crochet an Afghan,

You might like to crochet a baby blanket. There are so many different things you can crochet

I can’t Think of any More Right Now, You Just Let Me Know If I can Be of any assistance for You.



Arts & Entertainment

Arts & Entertainment can be so many different things, like Arts can be paintings, peoples arts and crafts projects.
Entertainment can be going out dancing, going out dining,

The world of Arts & Entertainment can be such a wonderful place, You can go cruising on a cruise ship traveling the world, you can be riding a bike and taking in the sites of the world. That can be the world of entertainment.

Arts can be you can be coloring in a color book, or Painting a picture either by freestyle painting or by paint by numbers. There is a new art project and it is called Painting With Diamonds, that can be a lot of fun and addicting




What Does Color Mean? Does Color Mean?

Color Means The property possessed by an object of producing different sensations of the eye as a result of the way the object reflects or emits light.

You can’t go a day without seeing color in your life.

Color help brighten a persons mood.

An artists sees color in so many different ways.

They need color to do their art.

Color, Abstract, Colorful, Art, Artwork

This website is made possible because of Wealthy Affiliate they give me the tools to make my website, they teach me lessons to help me become wealthy and stay that way.

I want to learn all that I can to be successful in life.

I am learning how to become a better writer, That is something that was hard for me. I would always do short sentences because I would be at a loss for words. I would have to think long and hard before I would write something.


What things you should look for in a coloring book.

What you should look for in a coloring book, Is if it is worth your time and effort to color in this book.
Are the images what you would like to color?

Coloring Book For Adults

I look to see if it is a challenge enough for me.
I also look to see if it has enough detail for me.

I look to see if I want to use color pencils or markers.

I also look to see how long it is going to take me to color the page and if I am going to enjoy coloring the page.
A coloring book should be one that you are gong to enjoy coloring most of the pages, not just a few.

I don’t know if you are like me and like to have a lot of coloring books so that way you have a variety, I find it fun to have a lot to choose from, for me whenIam lookingforthat ferfect picture it I go by my mood and how I am feeling as to what I fee l lke coloring.
Is the design interesting enough to keep me coloring.

Is your interests in dragons or Are you interested in fairies  and dragons  both?
Do you like to color flowers?
Are you interested in mandalas?
Are you interested in paisley or you lie to do Designs?

Wallpaper, Scrapbook, Paisley, Blue

Do you like color pictures of still life?


Hobbies are great to have

                                                                   Hobbies are great to have.                       

Why are hobbies great to have? because they can  be relaxing.

when you are doing your hobby it’s fun what you are making.

It’ s always nice to see what you can achieve.

A hobby can be just about anything you want it to be, it can be riding your bike , reading, doing your nails etc. etc..

You can have as many hobbies you want.

When you are doing your hobby,you always feel good because of what you are doing.

If your hobby is reading,

when you are reading, do you feel like you are in another world?

when you are in that world, do you feel like you are a part of that world?  what does it feel like? what do you see?

Are you a pirate or are you a princess?

Or maybe your hobby might be coloring, when you are coloring do you feel like you are bringing your pictures to life? Before you color your picture, can you see what it is going to look like before you color it?

Maybe your hobby is riding bike, do you go far?  do you travel out of state? Do you enter in races or marathons?

Hobbies are great to have











Hey People This About Adding Color To Your World.

Hey People This About Adding Color To Your World.

Crayons, Pencils, Colorful, To Write

Open Up A Coloring Book AndStart ToColor A Beautiful Picture, mine When I Set Out To Coor A Picture, Mine Takes Me Two Three Days To Do it.

I Have A few Different People I Buy My Books from.

If You Don’t Want to do that Then MaybeYou Would Like To Do Paint with Diamonds

Easter, Easter Eggs, Paint, Egg, Art

What that is, is You Have A sticky Canvas, You Have some Beads and Tool To Put the Beads On With, Once you get Into Do Your Picture It is So Relaxing And Very Addicting. I Know Because I Have DoneLike Seven Pictures, It is A Lot Of Fun


Or Maybe You would LikeTo Good Dean Koontz Book. ItAlwaysTakes Me Away To A New World. Or IfNot Dean Koontz Then Maybe SHERRILYN KENYON, She Is A great Author As well. I LoveTo Get Lost In Her Books As Well. Or You Can Find Whatever author You want. I Find It So Much Fun To Read It Is So Rewarding.




Crochet, Crochet Hook, Wool, Hand Labor

Itis Always Nice to Crochet a nice Big Afghan, Or Maybe You would To Crochet something else, Maybe A Pillow, Or something For A Doll, I Find ItNiceToCrochet A Nice Big Afghan.


I would LikeToSome Day Have, A Craft Room so that It Would Be Filled WithYarn Of All Different colors.


If You Don’t Like To Crochet Then Maybe You Would LikeTo Knit Something. I Would Love To Some Day Learn How To Knit.


A World Of Arts And Crafts Is A Lot Of Fun. I Find That A Lot More People World Have A lot Of Fun If They Would Pick Up A hobby. Hobbies Can Be A Lot Of Fun.



We Need More Color The World

Hi, My Name Is Melody And This Is My World Where I Hope For It to Be Our World.We need More Color, By This I Mean, People Need Hobbies To Relax and Enjoy The World More.

Art, Colorful, Color, Abstract

My Hobbies Are I Love To Sit Down And Enjoy A Good Book, and Escape The World.

Color, Triangle, Geometric, Textured

I Also Love to Color, When I Color I Bring My Pictures To Life.

So People Stop And Smell The Roses

Rose Petals, Pink, Background, Love

So Grab A Book And Escape The world Or Grab Some Color Pencils And A Good Coloring Book And Color

A Good Picture.