How Does Music Make You Feel Inside?

When you hear music do your toes begin to tap and your fingers begin to drum a beat?

Flower, Rose, Pink, Blossom, Bloom

Music can make a person all warm inside.

Music can be played in so many ways.

Music can be played on a guitar.Guitar, Country, Girl, Music, Guitarist

can be played on a piano.

On a organ.

A person can love music so much that they can drum out a beat using a pencil beating on a table and a cup.

Music can bring back special memories for people.

Music can be used to put babies to sleep.

Piano, Music Score, Music Sheet

Music can be ced to, can be used to calm a person.

Music can make your heart feel that special beat

I love music, my name is music so music has always been special to me. I always hear music.


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