What things you should look for in a coloring book.

What you should look for in a coloring book, Is if it is worth your time and effort to color in this book.
Are the images what you would like to color?

Coloring Book For Adults

I look to see if it is a challenge enough for me.
I also look to see if it has enough detail for me.

I look to see if I want to use color pencils or markers.

I also look to see how long it is going to take me to color the page and if I am going to enjoy coloring the page.
A coloring book should be one that you are gong to enjoy coloring most of the pages, not just a few.

I don’t know if you are like me and like to have a lot of coloring books so that way you have a variety, I find it fun to have a lot to choose from, for me whenIam lookingforthat ferfect picture it I go by my mood and how I am feeling as to what I fee l lke coloring.
Is the design interesting enough to keep me coloring.

Is your interests in dragons or Are you interested in fairiesĀ  and dragonsĀ  both?
Do you like to color flowers?
Are you interested in mandalas?
Are you interested in paisley or you lie to do Designs?

Wallpaper, Scrapbook, Paisley, Blue

Do you like color pictures of still life?