Abstract Art

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If you put the word “Abstract” into thesaurus some of the similar words suggested are : conceptual; theorectical; intangiable. amoung it’s many words with oppisite meanings. The words abstract suggests something vaugue, difficult, not easily grasped.  But Abstrast Art doesn’t have to be any of those things.

An Artist may want to take us away from the humdrum of everyday life, By bringing us to the beauty of art.

Wassily Kandinsky is often reguarded as the pioneer of Europeon abstrast art. Kandinsky claimed, wrongly as it turns out.  He produced the first abstract painting in 1911.

The roots of this movement go much deeper than that in fact the  Neanderthals were ahead of the game by cutting abstract lines in stones. If we look at some of the later works of J. M .W. Turner, some of his landscapes could be seen as abstrat. What might be recognisable  forms in the hands of another painter are transfor med by sublime elements and overwhelming suggestions of light by Turner.

Here are some names usually associated with abstract art: Piet Mondrain, One of the best known  early abstrat artists. He painted more recognisable,  was more successful in his homeland in Holland. When he encountered avant -garde in Pars 1911, and the Picasso, His work soon underwent, first evolution and radical transformation, He began to use bold colours and squares and rectangles to create images. His work was concidered to be logical painting abstract. Mondrain called his work Neo-plasticism. With Neo-plasticsim he aimed to acheive the destruction of natural appereance. the expression of reality.

The Russian Artist preferred to call his art Supermatism. The term supermacy means pure artistic feeling.

In 1915, Malevich produced his secular Russian icon , Known as the “Black Square”

There is the brief history of Abstrat Art.



This abstract art is beautiful,

I love how it flows and melts into the other colors.

They used the colors well.

The pinks and the blues all go well together. what do you think?

Abstract can be however you want it to be.  It can be triangles together, Octigons,squares circles in and out of each other.

When painting they can be just a bunch of lines together, splashed paint.

When I am looking for a painting, I am looking for somthing fresh, something that is going to jump out at me. I want to be able to see something within the art.

If it is a new artist , I look to see how well the blend everything together, The arthas to be fresh. I look to see how well the colors go to gether.

What do you look for in an Artist?

What do you look for in art?.

Do you look for somethin within the art to bringback a memory, or memories

Sometimes the art isn’t meant to mean anything. It is just art.

Sometimes I don’t know much about abstract I only know what I see.

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